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Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

"How do I improve click rates?"

My friend ​Terry Rice​ asked me this during a chat yesterday.

Terry is a fellow creator, entrepreneur, and Dad.

I know he knows his stuff when it comes to business.

So I wanted to not only give a great answer, I wanted to make sure that he walked away with something he hadn't heard before but works.

My answer was:

Number One: If your open rates are good, make the call-to-action for someone to click be the exact same or inline with the subject line.

If someone opens your emails, they are interested in what you say. It makes sense that if the subject line grabs the click in the inbox, the same should apply to the click on the link.

I also told him something he may have heard before, but it's worth repeating.

Number Two: Test different ways of presenting your links.

Use inline links within your sentences.

Use standalone links that sit on a line by themselves.

Use buttons instead of linking text.

And Number Three: Content has to engage with the audience.

Makes sense, but what I mean is that your audience wants to hear how you think, do, and see the world, but in a way that is relatable to their current situation.

So, if you're stuck on what you should write about to make it relatable, think about what happened yesterday.

Then, apply one of these to that.

It's the oldest post-it note I have (going on five years old) that I use when I'm stuck on what I can write about.

  • Ask a question
  • Answer a question
  • Share what I've done
  • Share other people's content
  • Introduce an advanced aspect

Writing emails from this perspective will get those clicks you want to your products, services, memberships, etc.

Then, as I shared in the previous email, your automated sequences can engage them further into generating sales for you.


by Jason Resnick

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