Is *simple* really a trend?!?

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Yesterday was Day 3 of HeyCreator Summit, and it's been an incredible culmination of inspiring and useful talks.

Terry Rice and Tim Grahl were talks I couldn't wait for.

Terry and Tim both talked about very different topics. Terry talked more about mindset, and Tim spoke on tactics.

The common thread between both talks was keeping things simple.

Simple questions to ask yourself when things are rough.

Simple processes for the business to grow.

I talk ad nauseam about keeping email marketing and automation simple.

I've also been simplifying many things in my life and business.

See a trend?

Maybe it's the same effect as buying a new car and seeing more of them on the road.

Or maybe people want more simplicity in their lives these days.

Whatever the reason, I like it.

I'm reading more and more "simple" newsletters called Atomic Newsletters.

Time is limited as a husband, Dad, and business owner. However, I love newsletters and interesting reads on topics that interest me.

Josh Spector's For The Interested was one of the first newsletters of this kind I noticed.

Newsletter Alchemy is another.

And Minimalist Hustler is one more.

I subscribe to a few others around fatherhood, DIY, and life.

These newsletters are usually short, 1-3 sentences, punchy, and often contain a link to the content.

In an instant, I can decide whether something is worth reading right now or come back later to read.

Evan from Newsletter Alchemy wrote why these are exploding right now.

Is this trend the equivalent of short-form videos for your inbox?

I'm unsure yet, but these don't hurt my brain as much as short-form videos.

What is your take?

Are you a fan?

Would you like to see Evergreen as an atomic newsletter?


by Jason Resnick

I'm on a mission to simplify email marketing and automation. You don't need to know everything, but I'm here to help you understand the 80% that matters. Whether you’re a Creator selling courses, memberships, or programs online, Evergreen turns automation from daunting to doable through relatable stories and lessons six-times-a-week in no more than 2 minutes.

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