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The Biggest Secret In Email List Growth

Are you struggling to build your email list?

The good news is that you aren't alone. Wellโ€ฆmaybe that's not such good news ๐Ÿคช.

But your email list is your own channel, and you want to grow it even when you aren't focused on it.

Scaling email growth isn't tied to social media, ads, or SEO.

It's all about partnerships and community.

Unfortunately, many don't take advantage of this and miss its benefits.

Partnering with other people in a smart and helpful way to subscribers is the best way to grow your list when you aren't even looking.

Getting started with confidence

Getting started is the biggest obstacle in your way, and I will help you right now.

When I started down this road, hearing about Sparkloop's Upscribe, I was nervous, anxious, and worried.

Upscribe is a recommendation widget that appears after someone has opted into one of your email sign-up forms.

In that widget are 2-4 other Creators that you recommend. Your new subscriber can sign up for any or all of them.

ConvertKit just released the waitlist for the Creator Network, which is very similar. It's only available to ConvertKit customers, the #1 platform for Creators (more on why that's important in a minute).

I've been lucky enough to join the few alpha testers over the past few weeks, and to say that I'm impressed with the results is a bit of an understatement.

The benefit is that it's tied directly into your ConvertKit landing pages and forms with no technical setup.

That alone eliminates one of the biggest obstacles.

โ€‹Join the waitlist here.โ€‹

The other hurdle is finding partners to recommend.

Following these steps, though, will help you with that.

Step 1: What do you NOT write about?

I write about email marketing and automation, sure. But my wheelhouse topics are segmentation, personalization, sales, and automation.

I don't talk much about copywriting, general audience growth, sponsorships, or email deliverability.

You, the reader of my emails, want to know about these topics, too. Am I right?

That's why I've partnered up with folks like:

โ€‹Josh Spector talks about audience and business growth.

โ€‹Allea Grummert talks about conversion copywriting strategies.

โ€‹Keiran Drew talks about writing and going from being an (ex) dentist to building a creator business.

โ€‹Justin Moore sends sponsorship opportunities twice a week through his newsletter.

โ€‹Kim Doyal writes inspirational and tangible marketing strategies for growing a profitable business.

But building the partnership wasn't click a button and done.

I reached out and spoke with them to partner up with them.

(but that may change)

Step 2: Share the benefits

When reaching out, you'll feel inadequate if your list is small or if you don't send out emails often.

You may even be intimidated by asking someone who appears to be a much bigger player in the game than you.

Well, they are looking to grow their list just like you.

I realized this when I partnered up with Josh Spector. He had a list size that was 15X larger than mine.

Yet, after partnering up with him, he was happy with the results because any subscribers I recommended were much more engaged than many other partners he's teamed up with.

If you feel that you've got a small list, my guess though is that your subscribers and new subscribers who you attract are hyper-engaged with you.

Look at your open and clicks.

Look at your sales, or booked calls, or webinar registrations as a percentage of the list.

These are signs of how your readers love you and respect your thoughts.

When reaching out to potential partners, this is what you share with them. Don't shy away from sharing other information, but a trusted audience is way more impactful that numbers.

Step 3: Join forces and share

Once you find your first partner, it's time to share and recommend.

You'll want to get a link from them, or you create one yourself to track results.

This is the bare minimum you do so that you both can see the results of the partnership.

You can create a shortlink using a tool like Prettylinks.

I use Sparkloop for this because it gives me a dashboard to look at things such as the subscriber's email address, date of sign up, and it can even tell me if it's a valid email.

You'll use this link when sharing your partner in content.

It's as simple as what I did above in sharing other newsletters you may be interested in.

But let's take it to that next level.

You can recommend newsletters to a new subscriber when someone gives you their email address on your forms.

This is what the Creator Network makes super easy to do.

When someone enters their email into a landing page or form, they'll get a popup recommending who I think they'd also enjoy reading.

It truly starts by being a valuable connector.

Bringing value to someone else is as simple as a recommendation.

I can already see that ConvertKit's Creator Network will have a directory where you can easily find a partner.

ConvertKit is the #1 marketing platform for Creators. Having that many Creators building email lists and online businesses in one place, you are bound to find someone to partner with.

In the meantime, start by looking at the people you read and learn from about topics that could help your subscribers.

If it does and you don't talk much about it, then recommend them to your readers.

Level up by reaching out to them about who your readers are, why you'd make a great partner, and make that connection.

ConvertKit's Creator Network is shaping up to be a powerful way to connect with other Creators, talking about topics your readers care about, but you don't write about.

โ€‹Join the waitlist to get your foot in the door early on this.

When you join, hit reply, and I'll share an automation I have with you that you can use to greet those new subscribers your partner sent your way.

You are making them feel ultra-special and seen.

This is scaling the unscalable.


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