Your emails may be doing you a disservice

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Ever overwhelmed by the flood of newsletters in your inbox?

If you're like me, you get a bunch of newsletters every day. Newsletters that contain links, articles, ads, and sometimes an editorial piece, but that's on a rare occasion.

However good those newsletters are, it sucks for your readers.

Let me explain...

Recency bias affects us all. When we write emails, we often remember what's in our inboxes. This can lead us to create content that's too similar to what we've seen.

Assuming your inbox is like mine, I imagine most newsletters you read sell sponsorships and ads. They most likely have products they are an affiliate for.

Their digital products may be part of their business model, but the newsletter is meant to drive a different revenue stream for them.

The truth is they have a different business model than yours. Plus, they may have a larger audience to tap into, so they have multiple revenue streams.

If you are selling anything that is your own, the reader must trust you.

Whether it's a course, digital product, membership, or coaching program, the reader has to feel comfortable that you can help them.

If you routinely send content that links to other people's "stuff," your readers will look at you as a connector or resource to find great information...

Not teach.

Alex Llull, Justin Welsh, and Katelyn Bourgoin have businesses with newsletters but designed to sell their products.

The content is centered around teaching the reader something, not informing them of news, articles, or the latest viral content on a topic.

Their readers feel connected to them through their writing.

Their readers resonate with how they teach a topic.

Each email gives the reader a quick win.

The wins compound.

When they promote a product, their readers already trust them.

And most importantly, there's no question in the reader's mind that the author can deliver on the promise made.

Tomorrow, I'm going to share a few examples of compounding content that increases conversions.

In the meantime, reply with any question you have about this. I want to make sure tomorow’s email covers it for you.


by Jason Resnick

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